Nov 1, 2019

Odyssey – by Auggie

Good Day, Malingerers. This is a long one. Don’t start it if you cannot finish it. I was given no warning. Don brought me to the truck and bade me inside. I thought we were going to the local park for Walkies and mayhap a treat for afters. As there were none of the other […]

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Oct 1, 2019

Pup Fiction – by Don

Listen, I’ve been on vacation and therefore very negligent. I don’t have a fully-developed blog for you this month. Luckily, I DO have a lot of random, humorous story fragments. Kind of like the Dead Sea Scrolls. So I’m going to try a Quentin Tarantino move here. I’m just going to string along these unrelated […]

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Sep 1, 2019

Gail’s House – by Max

Max here. I am just fine, thank you! I want to tell you about a place that means a lot to me. I’ve been going to Gail’s House since I was an 8-week-old pup. From the minute I met her, I knew she was special. She speaks to me in a very high-pitched voice. Most […]

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Aug 1, 2019

Painful Things – by Big Buddy

Hi everybody! It’s me, Big Buddy writing the blog. Thanks for reading them. I like writing them! Sometimes people I don’t even know come to the cabin when I’m asleep. I’m not a watchdog, so I don’t wake up. But sometimes when I’m asleep on the floor, the people roll this thing all over the […]

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Jul 1, 2019

J’Accuse – by Auggie

J’Accuse – “I accuse.” A bitter denunciation. I should start by saying that my last blog was a resounding triumph in Canine Literature. Normally, my blogs are hungrily received and widely acclaimed by the top critics of the land. I have heard tell that my last blog caused several prominent critics to completely explode in a flash of […]

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Jun 1, 2019

Insane Pownal Coyote Posse – by Don

The blog is starting!!! The blog is starting!!!! Please be seated and turn your cellphone off. To be quite honest, I’m not sure how dogs evolved. They should be a dead branch on the evolutionary tree considering some of the things they eat – chicken bones, tacos, socks, couch stuffing, rotting things, socks, rat poison, […]

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May 1, 2019

Teddy Ballgame – by Max

Hi there, Max here! I am Don and Liana’s first dog. I am the first Salty Dog. I am 12 years old. I am Max – Maximus Gary Kingsbury. Did I mention that I am Don and Liana’s first dog? I have been described as a “Great Dog” by you Bipeds. If that is true, […]

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Apr 1, 2019

Man’s Best Friend – by Big Buddy

Hi everyone. It’s Big Buddy! It’s my turn to write the blog this month. I’m not sure why they still let me write a blog. Sometimes I think it’s because they feel sorry for me and other times Don will say that people really love my blogs and will send emails to say they love […]

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Mar 1, 2019

Ask Augustus – by Auggie

Good Day, you drunken gadabouts. I am often unfairly criticized for being too harsh. However, in the interests of ceasing your incessant e-prattle, I am now going to answer questions submitted by you – the confused and chunky canine hordes of America. I do this without anger and in the genuine hopes of helping my fellow canines. […]

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Feb 1, 2019

The Family Budster – by Don

I figured since I wrote pieces about getting Max, Auggie, and Coal that I was obligated to write one about getting Buddy. So let’s do this whether we want to or not. I’m going to use all of Buddy’s nicknames in casual reference in this blog. Sorry in advance. ——————————- We came to know The […]

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