Coal’s Birthday 2014 – By Coal

Aug 7, 2014

Hi there. I’m Coal. I’m the big fuzzy Lab you’ll see asleep in front of the register. Don says I fall asleep there so I can get my fair share of attention. I just fall asleep there because I get a good view of the free treat bowl. If one of those things should accidentally fall to the ground, I will be on it like…. like… like… something really quick on something really tasty.

The reason I’m writing is that my 11th birthday is on Friday the 15th, so Don and the nice people are having a party for me on Saturday the 16th at the shop when more people can make it. I’m sure I’ll get a can or two of dog food on my actual birthday, so I’m not upset that my party isn’t on the proper day. It’s actually kind of nice to have a can of food one day and a dog-cake on the next day (Editor’s Note: We got him a cake, pupcakes, and bon-bons with Sock Monkeys on them because Coal looks like a big sock monkey. And he’s just as squeezable and lovable. Come one, come all! 11:30am). I’d like it if you could attend my birthday. I will share my treats with your dog. No, really. I will.

Don likes it when I howl for some reason. So please sing “Happy Birthday” loud and off key so that I do. I don’t fully understand why I howl at those sounds. But I’m glad I’m making all of you happy.

Oh! I almost forgot! If any of you would like to send me a present, please send it to The Lincoln County Animal Shelter in my name. When I get that Sock Monkey cake, I will have everything I could possibly want. And the dogs at the shelter need it more than me.

I am Coal. And I love you.

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