Beastie Creatures — By Buddy

Nov 1, 2016

Hi there. It’s me, big old Buddy Dog! I’m really starting to like writing this blog. I hope I don’t let you all down!

I’m glad it’s my turn to write because since this summer something very strange has been happening around the shop. There are these little Beastie Creatures hanging around! I try to talk to them, but they just keep walking around and bumping into things. Some hang around the shop and some walk or float away. Some look like friendly little animals, and some look like angry little animals. Some jump around or even fly. I don’t know what any of them are doing! At least I don’t think they hurt anyone. I think I’m going crazy! I hope I’m not going crazy!

The first time I saw one of these Beastie Creatures was in the summer when a REALLY nasty one poked his head around the corner when I was asleep on the back deck. He looked at me and I actually yelped like I was a little pup! I thought he was going to eat me! But he didn’t pay me any mind. He just bumped his head a couple times and walked off.

I ran inside to ask Max if he had seen any scary little beasts walking around and he said, “Yes, I just saw two barky wiener dogs.” That Max. He’s so funny! But he never saw the Beastie Creatures I was asking about. I went outside and asked Auggie if he was scared of the Beastie Creature that was right in front of him. Auggie just looked at me like that time I ate the AA battery in the “Good n’ You” parking lot. Auggie was also chewing on my dog bone, so I thought he would at least growl at the Beastie Creature who was so close to him. But Aug didn’t. That was strange because Aug growls at me when I get within 10 feet of the dog bone he took from me.

I tried to let Don know about these little Beastie Creatures immediately, but Don’s been pretty grouchy since he’s had to work at the store every day. And just so you know – the Beastie Creatures don’t taste like anything. I licked one that was trapped in the shed. Nothing. Then I tried to nibble him. Nothing. Maybe a little like rotten seaweed. But not enough to write home about. Some of the other Creatures taste like driveway dirt and grass, but not a lot. And not enough to chase them around Boothbay Harbor or go in the road. Don hates it when you’re in the road!

I don’t think Don and Liana can see the Beastie Creatures. They just walk right through them. One time I thought Don was talking to a beasty creature, but he was just tying his shoe. Don was. Not the Beastie Creature. And they walk all over the road. Not Don. Don hates that! I thought he would definitely yell at the Creatures to get out of the road!

And it’s not all bad. Once there was this little Beastie Creature I saw across the street. She looked like a nice little yellow dog and she bounced around so nice! She had a strange tail. She ran over to the edge of the road – and get this – she bounced over the road to come see me! She wasn’t in the road even for a little bit! Don would like that! She came over to the bed I was in and came up to me slowly. Slowly…….

She was going to kiss me! My first kiss! I know I’m almost 11, but no dog has ever tried to kiss me. It is my biggest shame. Maybe Auggie is right and all the rotten seaweed on my breath scares the dames off. Anyway, this pup was gorgeous and I’d waited for it my entire life! I went to give her the gentlest of kisses…..

And I got zapped on my nose! Really hard! My eyes stung. It was THE BEST I’ve ever had! I asked her what her name was, but she just floated away into the road. Don would HATE that. But I will always love her even though she was in the road. She bounded over the road to kiss me. There are some things Don doesn’t need to know.

And then there was the time I thought a Beastie Creature was going to kick my butt! I was half asleep on my bed out back after an exhausting day of sampling treats and getting my belly rubbed. I scrambled off my bed and I saw this really mean one who was only inches away from me! It was really scary! I barked and scratched at the back door to get away from this crazy place. But out of the corner of my eye I saw a man with a phone in his hand launch a couple balls at the Beastie and the Beastie disappeared into the phone! It was marvelous! And the man seemed pretty happy.

I’m going to ask Don for a phone for my birthday.

Thanks for reading this far.

Big Buddy Dog

Editor’s P.S. — Confused? So are we. Sorry for not posting this at the beginning.

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