Rotten Apples but Good Boys — By Max

Nov 1, 2015

Max here. I am just fine, thank you!

What a great fall we had here in Boothbay Harbor! There were so many blueberries and raspberries and blackberries! And now all the apples are becoming rotten. Even Don will grab a few ripe ones off the tree as we hike Boothbay Region Land Trusts Singing Meadows Preserve. For 10 out of 12 months there are flowers, grass, ticks and a lot of inedible things that BiPeds find nice. But not a lot to make a famished dogs’ walk worthwhile. THEN comes October and November and you realize the entire Preserve has been spending every ounce of its energy building to a crescendo of Autumn rotten apple flatulence.

But of course things can’t all be rotten apples and sunshine at Chez Salty. It was with a heavy heart that we closed our Southport cabin the other day. Apparently Don couldn’t grow a fur coat over the summer and he got too cold to stay at the unheated cabin. So now we’re all back at Chez Salty Central. Us dogs will miss the easy access to swimming and treat-giving people we see at the Cove. But seriously, Don. It barely got cold enough to freeze the pipes and you are running away with your tail between your legs! You should be ashamed. No wonder Auggie is always trying to overthrow the pack! Still, it’s nice to spread out in a bigger house and the larger refrigerator holds a plethora of tantalizing snacks.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of Don taking his GoPro videos. He takes videos of EVERYTHING we do! I’m sure all you ThumbUsers find this great, but we dogs find it a little unnerving. I mean, how would you feel if you were out “doing your business” and you had a harness with a camera recording your every move? I didn’t think so. Let’s hope he doesn’t ask to put a video harness on you. That would be downright embarrassing.

But to his credit, Don has produced some pretty good videos. And not just of us dogs. A lot of our friends have fallen victim to Dons increasingly voyeur-like ways. They’re all on YouTube. I keep telling him that he should have a Two Salty Dogs channel. But he’s very frugal and probably wouldn’t pay for his personal channel and a Two Salty Dogs channel. (Editors note: Max doesn’t realize YouTube channels are free. If you’d like to see and/or subscribe to our Two Salty Dogs Youtube Channel, Click Here!).

Now most of you would say that Thanksgiving is the biggest thing going on in Boothbay Harbor in November. You would be wrong. The shop isn’t even open on Thanksgiving! No, the biggest day in November is Early Bird. On that day, the shop is open super early and it’s very busy all day long! The FingerCounters LOVE it because there are things like Bed Races, Costume Contests, and tomfooleries. WE like it because some of the biscotti and and muffin crumbs fall on the floor and we get to lap them up. Sometimes with a lot of hair and dirt. But that’s just the price you have to pay for biscotti if you’re a dog. You guys don’t give that stuff to us every day, you know. But don’t let that deter you guys from giving us the free treats from the bowl. Or bringing me a package of hot dogs. Or several packages of hot dogs. I would feel loved then.

Take Care, Everyone!


P.S. And seriously, send me some food. I love food.

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