Coal in Your Stocking – By Coal

Jan 1, 2015

Hi there, I’m Coal the fuzzy 11-year old lab at the store. My muzzle is getting pretty gray. Thank you for not reminding me of that. I still feel 2 years old.

A lot of you have been coming into the shop to say hello to me and I am nowhere to be found. But don’t worry! I’m just out in the car. I like to spend long hours in the car around the holidays. Frankly, it’s too exhausting meeting all kinds of new people and dogs and having to let people scratch my belly. I’m old, for Dog’s Sake! At some point you need to leave the jet-setting lifestyle behind.

And for those of you who asked, we had a great Christmas! The best part of it was when we got our three meals of sweet, sweet canned food! On Christmas Eve I got fish and sweet potato (That’s one), Christmas morning, Chicken and sweet potato (That’s two), and for Christmas dinner it was several cans of 95% beef (That’s three)! Oh glorious day! Why don’t we have Christmas every week? You people should look into that.

The presents were pretty good too! My grandparents gave me a Tuffy terrycloth Iguana that is just heavenly to nibble on. It made me forget all about the little starfish Auggie took from me and shredded the first chance he got. Auggie got a Tuffys Dragon that was really hard for him to destroy, so I guess he wanted to rip up something easy first. Oh! And I DIDN’T get another Kick-Fetch if you were wondering. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I thought “Why would I need TWO Kick-Fetches? I don’t have two of me.” and that made a lot more sense so I could finally go take a 4-hour nap.

Also, we got lots of TREATS! My favorite ones are from New England Dog Biscuit Company. They’re crunchy and they have ginger for my terrible breath so people won’t turn their heads when I try to plant some Coal-Slobber on their cheeks. Don says we might start to carry them at the store, which is great news because there will be a lot more of them around. And if there are a lot more of them around, more of them will find their way into my belly.

And then there were a couple parties at Chez Salty that were great! I had a good time with all the people and dogs that came over. Don put my Kick-Fetch in the Forbidden Closet so no other dogs could shred it. But until the people came over I would stare at the closet door for hours on end until I fell asleep. But once the parties started, I was running around with the other dogs, hunting for dropped scraps of food and begging at the potato chip bowl. All us dogs got lots of compliments on our festive collars and attitudes.

So that’s it! I can’t wait for the New Year! My resolution is to be less terrified of slippery hardwood floors and not to throw up so many wood chips in the car.

Happy New Year!

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