High-Fivin’ The Night Away — by Buddy.

May 1, 2015

My name is Buddy and this is my first time writing on the Blog. Or anything for that matter. I hope I don’t let you all down!

All the other dogs have been asking me to write. I think they don’t want to write as much. Except for Auggie. He writes a lot. And I didn’t want to write until I felt like I was truly a member of Chez Salty. I am happy to report that now I feel like a full-share member of Chez Salty!

And I know I have a tumor on my chin! You don’t have to tell Don. He knows. He calls it my “blackberry” or “soul patch” or “weird thing on Buddy’s chin.” But the main thing is that it’s not malignant and it doesn’t hurt me.

It was a fairly hard start at my new home. I was so used to being an only dog that I thought I was the Alpha Dog everywhere. Turns out, I’m not. Chez Salty already had an Alpha named Max. That was hard, but it actually takes a lot of pressure off. Now I don’t have to worry so much. Sorry Auggie, I know you want to be the Alpha, but Max really is.

Other than that, everyone was nice enough, but I wasn’t used to all the long walks we take every day because I have arthritis pretty bad. Don says watching me run looks like the Challenger space shuttle disintegrating and is far, far more painful to watch. Other times he says I look and sound like bag of bones rolling down a steep hill. I don’t know what the Challenger is.

Onto my new trick!

Now I want to tell you about this fantastic game the new Fridge Users taught me. It’s called “High Five” and it’s very, very hard. Sometimes I can’t remember how to do it. Sometimes I think really hard and I can’t remember how to do it. I don’t think a lot of you people will understand it if I describe it, but here it goes…

First, the Belly-Scratchers will stare me directly in the eye with a very serious look. It’s like I’ve just gotten into the garbage. Then they will say very loudly “High Five!” and hold up a hand. Only one hand. Sometimes I’ll freeze and forget what I’m supposed to do. Other times I’ll think it’s a trick and look at the other hand for a hidden treat. And sometimes I’ll retreat into a fantasy world where I’m eating things from the fridge.

But on the better times, I remember to lift my paw and slap it into their waiting hand. And they slap it back and say “GOOD BOY, BUDDY!” That’s when I know I nailed it! That’s when I get the BIG LOVE! Sometimes it hurts from smiling because the 5’s are so high and the love is so big. And I’ve gotten so good at High 5-ing that I can do it while I’m lying down, lying on my side, or lying on my back! My goal for the summer is to be able to High-5 under water.

And that’s my trick! Ask me to do it the next time you’re in the shop. It’s the only one I know for now. I’ll let you all know when I learn another one!

~Buddy Dog Kingsbury

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