Keys to the Kitchen of my Heart – by Buddy

Dec 1, 2015

Hi everyone! It’s me – Big Smart Buddy!

We had such a great Thanksgiving. Dons Mom came to stay and there were such great smells coming from the kitchen I could hardly believe it! It was everything I could do to not hop up on the hot stove and eat all the food. Then it was everything I could do to not fall asleep in front of the stove and try to trip Dons Mom when she was cooking so there’d be a lot of yummy stuff on the floor. Don kept yelling at me to get out of the kitchen. Luckily, I was able to control myself and got into the garbage can after everyone was asleep.

After I ate all the potato peels and squash ends I gnawed on an empty whipped cream can for several hours. A lot of strange things can go through a dog’s mind when he’s gnawing on an empty whipped cream can. Things like, “Why am I gnawing on this whipped cream can?,” “I wonder if Don would get mad if I rolled around in these coffee grinds for 2-3 hours and then got on the couch,” and “Those potato peels make my tummy feel bad. Better not wake Don to go out. I’ll just go poop and throw up in the living room rug and hope everything turns out OK.”

For some reason, Don was not in a good mood on Friday morning.

But after Don cleaned up the trash, poop, and vomit he was the same old friendly Don we all know. I was really hoping he’d give us more delicious canned food, but it was kibble as usual. But us boys supplemented our usual with loads of treats from Dons Mom. She still feels sorry for us when we make Hungry Eyes at her. And she’ll slip us treats when Don isn’t around to mess it all up. God Bless her.

But the best part of the last month or so is that it was my 10th birthday! Yes! I got another whole can of dog food for my birthday too! November is the greatest month! And I got a small wine barrel dog bed for my very own. You may wonder why I got a small one. It’s because I like it. One day I was sick of lying on the hardwood floor, so I curled my lanky, achy, body up in the small one on the shops floor. And no one yelled at me. That’s when I knew it was the bed for me. The best part is that I got so much attention! All the nice people were so nice to me! I always thought it was the best sleeping place in the whole shop. And now it’s all mine!


So don’t bother getting me anything for Christmas. I have everything a Good Dog could want.

Thanks for reading this far.

-Big Smart Buddy Dog

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