The Ocean & The Sky – by Big Buddy

Oct 1, 2020

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure why I can write a blog. Frankly, I’m not sure why I’m still alive and walking around. It’s good to be alive. And thanks for reading my blog!

Most of the time I’m asleep at the Southport cabin. Liana put a nice pee-pee-proof bed on the couch for me because sometimes I pee by mistake. My bed on the couch looks over the ocean and the sky. I know it’s the ocean because I can smell it. The sky is always over the ocean. I remember that from when I could see. Don and Liana leave the screen door open so I can go outside to pee and poop. Most of the time I make it.

Sometimes people come to the cabin in the middle of the day and look for Don and Liana. The people shout outside the screen door for a while. Then they come in and give me a head rub. Those head rubs are very nice, but sometimes I am fast asleep when they do it and I wake up and I don’t know a nice person is rubbing my head. One time I pooped when somebody woke me up because I was asleep and I was scared. It was OK because the pee-pee-proof bed is also poo-poo proof. But I had to sleep on the floor until Liana got home so I didn’t get poop on me.

Sometimes Don and Liana don’t come back to the cabin until it’s very dark and I get very scared that they Abandoned me again. Don and Liana never really abandoned me. It only seemed like they abandoned me and left me in the cabin to die. I was asleep under a table, but they came back for me. They still love me.

I know they love me because Don built me a ramp so I could pee and poop outside a lot easier. Liana got me that pee-pee-proof bed that fits on the couch for when I can’t get outside in time. That’s the bed on the couch that looks over the ocean and the sky.


I was nine years-old when Don and Liana got me. I met a lot of good dogs and people since then. I made a lot of friends. I also stopped itching and scratching myself until I bled because Don and Liana gave me good food and treats. Can you believe I was able to go on walkies for hours with Max, Auggie, and Coal when I was younger? It’s true. It was so much fun!

But I can’t go on walkies like that anymore. Sometimes Don brings me to the beach and we Pretend Swim up and down the beach. Some days Don brings me to the shop and I get to meet a lot of dogs and people like the old days. I really like that. Sometimes it’s hard being at the shop because I can’t see or hear much, but I can still smell everything. Sometimes people laugh when I bonk my head into the wall at the shop. I can tell they’re laughing even though I can’t hear them.

It’s OK if they laugh. I don’t get mad. I thought it was pretty funny when other old dogs bonked their heads into walls. Why would I get mad? If I got mad at people for laughing at me when I bonked my head against a wall, I would be mad at a lot of people and I wouldn’t have any friends at all. It’s just because I’m old and I can’t see. It’s something that just happens. Like when you go into the ocean, you get wet. When you get born, you get old. And when you get old, you do funny things like bonk your head into walls because you can’t see anymore.


I am so old and so achy now. I can hardly move at all. I am so tired all the time. I sleep most of the day. And I worry about things. Old dogs worry about a lot of things.

I worry about things like what will happen when Don and Liana close the Southport cabin for the winter. I can’t get up the stairs at the Barrel House anymore. And I don’t think Don can build a dog ramp to the second floor of the Barrel House. If he could, I’m sure he would. Don is my best friend. And what happens if I’m in the Barrel House and I have to pee? I hope the weather stays warm in Southport forever!

When we leave the Southport cabin this fall I will probably end up back on the couch in Pownal. It’s OK, but nobody comes over in the middle of the day. And the Pownal couch doesn’t look over the ocean or sky. It looks over the dining room. It’s a nice dining room, but it doesn’t smell or look great. Definitely not as good as the ocean.

I’ve had a good life since I came to Don and Liana’s house. I get fed good food twice a day and I get treats most days. On Sunday mornings we play “High Fives” in the big bed. I love Max and Auggie and Coal and Teddy and Don and Liana. I don’t know how I ended up at this house, but I am a lucky dog.

I don’t know why I can’t walk very good anymore. I don’t know why I pee and poop in the bed. I don’t know where this is all going to end.

And I’m definitely not sure why I can write a blog.

But I know only one thing; Don and Liana love me. Wherever we go when the cabin is closed, I’m sure Don and Liana will take me. And they will give me good food. And they will make sure I can poop and pee outside. And they will take care of me when I get sick.

Don and Liana took care of Coal when he got sick. And when Coal got so sick he couldn’t be with us anymore, Don and Liana let Coal rest in Horn Cove Beach with the Ocean and the Sky.

Thanks for reading this far!

-Big Buddy

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