Man’s Best Friend – by Big Buddy

Apr 1, 2019

Hi everyone. It’s Big Buddy! It’s my turn to write the blog this month. I’m not sure why they still let me write a blog. Sometimes I think it’s because they feel sorry for me and other times Don will say that people really love my blogs and will send emails to say they love my blogs. I hope this is a blog you send emails about!

I think I am going to write about dreams in this blog because I get really tired all the time and I sleep a lot. Especially after Don takes us for walkies at Hendricks Head Beach. After the beach I am very tired and I sleep most of the day. That works out great because then I have the energy to stay up and check on Don 4,728,331,002 times in the middle of the night. Don is my best friend.

Sometimes I dream dreams where my legs don’t hurt and I can run very fast. That is very exciting! I call them Running Dreams. One of my most favorite Running Dreams is when I am chasing huge bowls of kibble across the plains. Those bowls are ever so fast! I run so fast and my legs don’t hurt but I still can’t catch the bowls of kibble. They must taste so good. I hope I catch one someday. Or some dream.

Sometimes the Running Dreams are not fun at all. Even though I am running fast and my legs don’t hurt in the dream. They are not fun. Sometimes I chase bunnies in my dreams. Not because I want to eat them but because I want to be friends with them. The bunnies are very quick and I think it is because they think I will eat them. But I would never eat them. I love bunnies.

The dreams become not fun when I am chasing very hard after the bunnies and they turn around and they look very mean. I am running so fast in my dream that I run right through the bunnies and the bunnies start to chase me. Then I feel slow and the bunnies begin to nip at my heels. My legs start to get sore like they do in real life and I get very scared because the bunnies are very mean and I remember the bunny that bit me on my nose when I was trying to be his friend and I wake up from my dream. A lot of times when I wake up I am still kicking my legs because I think I am still running for my life when I wake up. Those are very bad Running Dreams.

Sometimes the Running Dreams turn into Flying Dreams. Those dreams are the best because I am running very fast and I will start to fly. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Don’t tell Don and Liana. I am not crazy. I’m not a bird, but I will flap my legs in my dreams and then I will fly! Sometimes I have to run very hard so that I can have a Flying Dream. Sometimes I run so hard trying to have a Flying Dream I will wake myself up. I don’t like when that happens. I wish I could always have Flying Dreams.

In the Flying Dreams, I will fly over the house to see if there is any kibble in my bowl. Then I check to make sure Don is OK because Don is my best friend. Then I will go and poop over the ocean twice. I poop over the ocean so I don’t hit anybody on land with poop. I poop twice because I always poop twice. Then I will zoom up into the sky and circle around the biggest cloud I can find. I am going so fast! The wind is so strong and it makes my ears flap back and forth. My face isn’t itchy and the strong wind is cool over my whole body.

My Running and Flying Dreams are a lot like when I hang my head out the car window when the car is moving except I am not sleeping.


Sometimes when I go swimming in Horn Cove it feels like I am having a Flying Dream. Swimming is a lot slower than flying, but my bones don’t hurt and the water is very cool on my face and ears. I don’t really swim though. I get deep enough in the water so my toes just hit the bottom. I Pretend Swim.

Don will Pretend Swim with me in Horn Cove. We’ll swim up and down the beach. He will throw tennis balls for Auggie way far out. He will yell at Max for going up to people’s cabins. But Don keeps on Pretend Swimming next to me up and down the Horn Cove beach. My bones don’t hurt at all. The cool water is so nice. Don is my best friend.

Don is a really good Pretend Swimmer, but he is a very, very good real swimmer. When I am tired from swimming up and down the beach I will go sleep in the comfy sand. Don will swim far out. He will swim out of the Cove and into the open water until I can barely see him. I will worry about him. Max and Auggie won’t even swim out to where Don is. Don will shout for the dogs to swim out and join him, but no dogs swim out. I can only Pretend Swim, but I really, really want to go out and make sure Don is OK. Don is my best friend.


One time I had a dream where Don swam really, really far out of Horn Cove. He started calling for me. He needed my help. Max and Auggie were nowhere to be found. Don is my best friend and I had to help him.

I didn’t Pretend Swim after Don. I Really Swam after him. It was like the Running Dreams except the ocean water was very rough and splashed in my eyes. The sky was very cloudy and it was windy. I kept swimming out to Don because Don needed my help. Sometimes I couldn’t see Don, but I kept swimming to where I thought he was. Don needed my help and Don is my best friend. I kept swimming and swimming and I was tired. When I got past Horn Cove the waves got very big and the wind was splashing salt water in my face so my eyes stung and I couldn’t see. I tried to find Don. I tried to see the beach. I was just trying to stay on top of the water. All I could see was the gray and the water everywhere. I didn’t even know where the top of the water was.

Suddenly, there was no gray. The water got calm. There was no wind and it was sunny and warm. I could see Don near the beach and I started to swim to him. He turned around just as I got close to him. I swam right into his arms. He was very happy to see me.

When I got to Don, he held me. I let all my muscles relax because I was very tired. I floated in his arms. He brought me back and forth across the beach in his arms like we were Pretend Swimming. But my feet were not touching bottom. We kept going back and forth across the beach until it was dark. Then we got out of the water and we walked back to the cabin for dinner. It was just me and Don. He put so much kibble in my bowl. That was the best part of the dream. Don is my best friend.

Thanks for reading this far!

— Big Buddy Dog

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