Max Loves Food — By Max

Jun 18, 2012

Max here. Auggie and Cole are fighting over a stuffed penguin covered in dog drool. It’s a normal night here in Southport.

Those of you who know me know that I love food. I mean I reeeeeeaaaaally love food. And yes, I know all the neighborhood kids call me Fat Max. So don’t bother telling me–I don’t care. Tater is way fatter than me. And he chews on rocks.

Once when I was walking by Grovers Hardware, someone dropped half a glazed donut and all of a sudden I was like a wolf—charging at a helpless, oblivious, struggling prey. I felt power – RAW POWER as I ripped at the glazed donuts’ very life essence and consumed it. It was the best day of my life so far, and I am ever-vigilant for such an occurrence happening again with something like a peanut. Or 700 peanuts. That would be better.

But I digress. Food is the very thing that makes me tick. I know the words “breakfast” and “dinner” and “treat.” And that’s why I need to tell you about Salty Rewards. See…if you’re local and sign up with Don or Liana, you will get 10% off all your dog and cat food purchases! That means you can get 10% more food! If you are uncomfortable with giving this extra food to your pet, you can give it to me! I promise to give some to Auggie and Cole. I promise. No….really. I promise….Some.

And we might have a small shop, but we have the big bags of food! Just ask. Don will take them out to your car if you give me a treat. And if you don’t see your usual food brand, ask them! They can get pretty much any dog or cat food, and they haven’t bitten anyone yet. Which is more than I can say for Auggie.

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