Max’s Birthday / New Website! – By Max

Jun 21, 2014

Max Here. I am just fine, thank you!

In case you missed it, my 7th birthday on May 16th was just fine. I got a squirrel-covered cake like I asked for (Editor’s Note: They were squirrels made of yogurt frosting, not the real squirrels he was asking for. Please don’t tell him.) And everyone made loud noises in a musical way. Even Coal. Well, especially Coal. I’m really looking forward to the squirrel cake next year. But I’m not looking forward to sharing it.

What do you think of the new website? The old one was neglected for so long, and Don wouldn’t let us write on the old site anymore. What’s great about this new site is that it has everything the old site had, and a lot more! Of course, you’ll get dogs like Auggie who hate anything new about it, or want to have more of this – less of that. I’m sure he’ll be piping up loudly with an article later in the summer. He’s one of those young pups who can’t learn new tricks. And then Coal will protest that he can’t access it with his AOL account or add it to Friendster.

No matter. The switchover happened so fast we weren’t even able to gloat about being the best Maine Pet Store as voted in the Downeast Dog News for the second year in a row! How cool is that? I know Don was going crazy handing out ballots. And I would sometimes shove my gigantic head into people’s crotches to herd them over to the ballots. But Don would yell at me. Especially with the old people and the children.

Anyway, so many of you have said how much you love reading our old “Picks of the Week” and our current Salty Dog Bios. Then there’s those of you who came across our site looking for Pet-Friendly Resources in Boothbay Harbor. And all of you folks who happened on this site looking for non-cat-related Tickle Pickle searches can leave now. But lots of others have asked to buy things they’ve seen in our store in convenient web-form. Sometimes this occurs even hours after leaving our store.

It’s hard to accommodate everyone, but we hope we’ve accommodated you. And please let us know if you find any errors! This is our first go-around at this thing, and Email me at and I’ll send it to Don personally. He will most likely acknowledge it with a “Dammit!” and a throwing of something at the guest bathroom door. Little known fact: When Don had to switch from Windows 2000 to Vista, there were angry shouts coming from his office for three days. And spittle all over his monitors. Most nights, he fell asleep on the floor in front of the monitor sucking his thumb and whimpering. But don’t tell him I told you that. It make it worse treat-wise for me. Thanks in advance.

And while we are talking about the new site, I admit that I have already hacked it. I am ever so smart. If you are one of the first 20 people to tell me what pages I hacked I will send you my favorite dog bone! It’s been buried for over 2 weeks so it’s pretty frickin’ ripe. And it’s yours if you can tell me all the pages (by name) I hacked on this website. Good Luck!

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