Jun 30, 2021

Grand Mal FAILURE – by Small Head Ted

EDITOR’S NOTE: Teddy wrote this before Buddy passed. The Grand Mal seizure was one of the indications that something was wrong with Buddy. Don’t think Teddy is insensitive or cruel. Dear Diarrhea [Editor’s Note: Diary] Everyone’s all worried about that idiot Buddy again. Well I’m sick of it. I always disliked that dog and now […]

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May 29, 2021

Buddy – by Don

We got Buddy when he was 9 years old. We said goodbye to Buddy on May 18th 2021 when he was 15-1/2 years old. We got him because of Facebook. It’s the only time I remember something good coming to us from Facebook. Our long-time friend Jen shared a post about Buddy needing a new […]

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Apr 29, 2021

The Rancid Interview – by Don

Hello. This is Chad Rancid of “Who The Hell Cares?” Magazine. Today, I have a very special guest for you. The first ever interview of Don Kingsbury- reclusive hobo genius behind the unstoppable juggernaut, “Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters.” Mr. Kingsbury was VERY clear: “We ain’t That Salty Dog thing in Wiscassett. That’s a groomer. […]

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Apr 1, 2021

Day of the Dogs – Volume II- by Max

Hi there, Max here! Here’s the second installment of my first novel “Day of the Dogs.” It’s a long one, and there’s a cliff-hanger, well, the management and I hope it’s a cliff hanger. Also, if you’re here for the first time or haven’t read the first installment, please **Click Here**. I hope you like it! […]

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Mar 1, 2021

Pooppaste – By Big Buddy

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my blog! Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy 15th Birthday in November. I understand if you didn’t wish me a Happy Birthday. It was almost on Early Bird this year and everyone gets excited for Early Bird. I spend a lot of time asleep these days. Don […]

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Feb 1, 2021

Slouching Towards Edgecomb – by Auggie

I was dragged back to a room where I was subjugated. Against my most ardent protestations, my front-left leg was shaved. “I AM AN AMERICAN DOG CITIZEN! I HAVE RIGHTS! I bellowed out into the reverberating concrete anteroom. “I DO NOT CONSENT!! I WANT MY LAWYER!!”I screamed as they slipped the IV into my shaved leg. I thought I heard someone (Don?) laugh as the drugs took effect and my reality melted away.

Then there was nothing.

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Jan 1, 2021

Spaghetti Loves Liana- by Small Head Ted

Dear Diarrhea,

This place is so stupid. “Chez Salty” is so depressing and stupid. The only person I like is Liana. She’s the only one here who’s smart. I can’t believe she likes all these idiots. Why doesn’t she run away into the woods? I hope it’s not because of me. All Liana needs to do is give me the word. Hopefully she’ll bring a bunch of towels because I hate going out in the rain.

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