Three Men Night — by Max

Nov 27, 2014

Hi There! I’m Max. I’m just fine, Thank You!

It’s only November, but we’re having our second blizzard! And boy oh boy has it been a great day! Not only did we get morning walkies, but when the snow started to pile up this afternoon, Don took all of us outside to wrestle around in the snow. Even Buddy was prancing around like a little pup and chasing after Auggie with the Kick-Fetch! But the best part of today? Don made his famous Sirloin Chilli and we got the meat scraps!!!! Soooo much better than the drops of juice from the tuna fish can split 4 ways. Don must be honing his chilli-making skills for Boothbay Harbor Men’s Night.

I can hear all you Fondue-Eaters out there asking “What in the name of Holy Moley is Men’s Night?” Well, it’s when all the local shops stay open a little later and give the gents of the area a “BIG SALE” and “MAN FOOD” to lure them off their couches and fulfil holiday purchasing obligations. Two Salty Dogs is offering a 20% off sale and Don’s World-Famous Sirloin Chilli. Sometimes one of the stores will drop a hamburger or sausage from one of their outdoor grills and we’ll come in and mop it up before it becomes a public health concern. And just to be sure, we’ll like that spot on the pavement every time we go by it for the next 3 years. It’s just one of the many things us Salty Dogs do for the benefit of our local community. And all the head rubs when we walk around aren’t too shabby, either.

So come down on Wednesday December 17th for some chilli and blatant consumerism! The Store will be open until 8pm or until we’re out of chilli. Last year Don made too much and had to eat the leftovers for lunch for about 2 weeks. You’d think he’d let a good dog like myself share in that burden. But no. I had to wait for that sweet, sweet canned food on Christmas Day like the rest of the dogs.

Take Care!


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