Buddy On The Move – by Big Buddy

Apr 1, 2018

Big Smart Buddy here! Thanks for liking my blog! Don says I’m doing a great job. He even calls me an internet star because of that photo of me in the snowy driveway. Thanks to everyone who liked the photo of me asleep in the snowy driveway. I can’t tell you how to be an internet star, but sometimes it’s because you’re old and tired of following Don around when he’s shoveling, and you can’t wait for a nap. I promise you it won’t change me. I’ll always be the same old Buddy Dog. I promise!

Don always says it’s a bad thing, but that got me thinking. What are the strangest places I’ve fallen asleep? Then I had to poop. Then I thought, what are my favorite times when I’m moving? Some of you might think that my favorite time when I’m moving has something to do with pooping. But I just pretty much poop wherever I am. No moving needed. They don’t call me Buddy Two Poops for nothing!

I really like moving. Not as much as pooping. But I didn’t think it was OK to write a whole blog about pooping. Children and puppies read this blog! So here’s my blog about moving. (Editor’s Note: Don’t discount a blog about Buddy pooping. It’s one thing he truly excels at).

Car Window
Have you ever tried putting your head out the car window? It’s the best when the car is moving. I like to hang my head out the car window. When I hang my head out the car window, it feels like I’m running really fast! Faster than I’ve ever run in my life. I know that isn’t very fast, but that’s why it’s so addicting.

I know Don is my best friend because he will lower the window even in the winter so I can pretend I’m flying down the road. It can get pretty cold, but Don will keep the window open until my nose is frozen and I lay down. Don is my best friend!

I wish I was a race car driver. I’d hang my head out the window for every race. I probably wouldn’t win many races because I don’t like to stick my head out the car window if the car is going really fast because my ears flap so hard that they hurt. It would be better to do the race where my ears are lifted up and flapping gently like when we drive on the road in Southport and my nose gets all cold. I’d win every race!

When Don Comes Marching Home
Another time I move fast is when Don comes home. (Editor’s Note: Sometimes I’ll be home for over half an hour and Buddy won’t realize I’m home). That’s when my love for Don is so big that I have to show him as quickly as possible. I’ll see him making dinner, or on the couch, or talking to Liana and I’ll need to give him the big love! I put it in to overdrive! I’ll run at him from wherever I am and jam my (Editor’s Note: giant, smiling, slobbering, black, furry) head into his crotch. Don is my best friend and he gives me lots of treats and headrubs and walkies, and he introduces me to lots of interesting dogs and people, so I think he deserves the quickest, happiest greeting when he comes home.

Don will always mess with us dogs about dinner. When we’re all watching TV, Don will softly say “thinner” or “spinner” or “quinnehackopopulousinner” just to get our attention. I’ll lift my head up a little bit. He’ll be staring at the TV. So I’ll put my head down again. Then he’ll say “Dinner” a little louder and Max and Auggie will get excited and start moving around.

I’ll keep my head down because I don’t like being made fun of. Then Don will say clearly “Who wants dinner?” and I’ll raise my head to look at him. He’ll still be staring at the TV, but then he’ll do something like get up and go to the bathroom and close the door. He’ll yell “DINNERTIME!” from inside the bathroom and we can’t figure out how to get in the bathroom because the door is locked. That gets all us dogs running around the bathroom door. Don will stay in the bathroom for a very long time. When he comes out, he’ll just go back to the couch and watch TV.

Don will wait a few minutes until everyone is settled down. Then he’ll jump up and run to all the dog bowls yelling “DINNER! DINNER! DINNER!” That’s when I’ll get up and run over in case he forgets to fill my dog bowl. I also hurry over because sometimes Auggie will try to eat my dinner and that makes me sad.

The Fetch Effect
Don will throw the fetch ball for Auggie and Max all the time. But sometimes when Don throws a fetch ball for Auggie or Max, I will feel so much love for Don that I have to come charging right at him and put my head in his crotch. Sometimes Don will yell loudly when my head hits his crotch and he will turn away from me. That’s when I know Don loves me so much! I wish I could show my love to Don by fetching like Max or Auggie. The best I can do is put my head in his crotch.

Swimwater Time
I like to go in the sea water and swim around. I don’t really swim, I just go up to my neck and bounce my feet off the bottom so it seems like I’m swimming. But I’m really not. I’m just pretending. I pretend I’m a big dog fish flying through the water. I’m not lying to you! I’ve never been able to swim because I have bad arthritis. I just like pretending that I’m a really fast-moving dog fish in the water.

The best is when my best buddy Don goes swimming with me down at Horn Cove Beach. He’ll go back and forth along the beach with me and he’ll be touching the bottom, too! Sometimes he’ll lift me up in his arms and bring me out into the deeper water where I feel weightless. It feels so good to not have weight on my old bones. It must be so much fun to be able to really swim (Editors Note: Maybe we’ll put a lifejacket on Old Buddy this summer and film it. Remind me lest I forget).

Going On The Boat
One time I had to go on the boat and I was scared to get on it. There was a boat ramp in the way. It was really scary!!!! When I got on the ramp my feet would slide and I couldn’t stop sliding. I crouched down and put my legs out the furthest I could to stop, but I still kept sliding down and there was nothing I could do to stop until my face hit the float. I sat there and barked until Liana came over and helped me up (Editor’s Note: Buddy never barks). Don and Liana laughed a lot. Then I went on the boat. The boat was really fun!

The boat was very slippery. I could hardly stand up on it. It was even worse than the bedroom floor. Liana put me up on the cushions in front of the boat and we started to move. It was really bouncy, but it was bouncy in a fun way. It was also really nice because it got really windy and my ears started to fly back like in the car but on both sides. It was so great!

Then we went to a nice place called Indiantown Island where everyone was in a good mood and I walked around all afternoon. Then we took the boat back to Newagen – my ears were really flapping! We went back to the cabin and had dinner and a nice little snack and bellyrubs and Don made a nice fire.

There are more times when I move a lot but they’re not as exciting as my story about dinner. And my paws hurt from typing because it’s late. Next time I’ll write more about more exciting things like dinner and breakfast. I promise!

Thanks for reading this far!

– Big Buddy Dog

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