Feb 1, 2018

Salty to the Bone – Auggie – The Salad Days – by Don

Not-a-Dog-Don here! Instead of gasbagging another story about how Puppy Max humiliated me, I thought I’d switch it up with a last-minute hacked-together e-pulp about Auggie. Of course I’ll include enough tender moments so you won’t call Animal Services on me. And please refrain from being one of the dozens of miscreants who send me […]

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Jan 1, 2018

Christmas Presence – by Max

Hi there, Max here! Have you heard of this thing called Christmas? It comes once a month and everyone gets a lot of canned food. Except Don and Liana. I got a can of kangaroo dog food this Christmas. (Editors Note: We carry cans of kangaroo dog food for hyper-allergic dogs like Buddy). What kind of canned […]

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