Salty BiscuitsAuggies Peanut and Cinnamon

  • As Canine Overlord of you Thronging, Biped Rabble, Augustus Megatron Bulldozer (Auggie) COMMANDS you to buy these treats.
  • NOTE: Previous point may not be enforceable
  • NOT in the shape of heart, so not quite as hearty as Maxs Treats
  • Has Augustuses seal of approval
  • Made from Human-Grade ingredients
  • For the big dogs. Unless you possess vise-like strength in your hands to break them into little bits.
  • Lab tested and approved
  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Guaranteed Analysis

Let's be clear. Auggie does not make or bake the treats. He only eats them and markets them- which in turn gets him more treats. It's a glorious cycle of nature we should all revere. And sure, you may THINK you appreciate that cycle, but how can you truly appreciate it unless you put the proverbial money where your mouth is? Pretty gross, huh?

Every Biped at the shop has tasted these, and they are pretty darned good. Of course they're not very sweet and most Bipeds would prefer about a half-pound of butter and 4 cups of sugar added to this bag of Auggies treats. And to tell you the truth, he would too. BUT WE CAN'T DO IT PEOPLE. It's not very good for dogs. And you. We sell only healthy treats for your pup. But you can waddle yourself into Burger Queen and eat all kinds of stuff that will slowly turn your insides to glutinous mush. We'll eat our dog treats at the shop plain, thank you

Treats are roughly 1-1/2" in diameter x 1/4" thick.

These treats are NOT heart-shaped. If this is an emergency and you need heart-shaped treats, please click here.

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