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Best of Maine 2021

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The Day of the DogsBook

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average rating 100%
  • The most important book about ham theft you will ever read
  • "A Humorous Tale of Inter-Species Warfare and Accord"
  • Follow Two Salty Dog's Maximus Gary - Labrador Saboteur and his hand-picked cadre through the most unusual night and beyond.
  • Possibly the only book written by a dog
  • The perfect gift for that one truly insane person in your life
  • Written at various bars in Boothbay Harbor Maine USA!



Join Max, Auggie, Teddy, Buddy, Ginger and Zeus as they plan the greatest canine crime of the century: A daring heist of the Biped's beloved Christmas Ham.

Their carefully-laid plan devolves into chaos and a most unusual night ensues with consequences that reach out over the years.

5.5" x 8.5"
202 pages of pure reading dynamite!
ADULT READING: Mild swearing, graphic violence.
ISBN: 9781387940196