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The Day of the DogsBook

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  • The most important book about ham theft you will ever read
  • "A Humorous Tale of Inter-Species Warfare and Accord"
  • Follow Two Salty Dog's Maximus Gary - Labrador Saboteur and his hand-picked cadre through the most unusual night and beyond.
  • Possibly the only book written by a dog
  • The perfect gift for that one truly insane person in your life
  • Written at various bars in Boothbay Harbor Maine USA!



The most important book about ham theft you will ever read.

Follow Maximus Gary, Labrador Saboteur and his hand-picked cadre of talented dogs as they execute the most daring heist of the century-- the Biped's coveted Christmas ham and all the trimmings.

Labrador Retrievers Maximus Gary, Auggie, Small Head Teddy, and Big Dumb Buddy navigate a bustling house packed with guests during the course of a most unusual Christmas Eve. Guest wiener dogs Ginger and Zeus prove invaluable when Max's well-engineered plan devolves into chaos, proving to the Labradors that size does not matter when one possesses a brave heart or giant, radar-like ears.

The newly-bonded pack celebrates briefly before being confronted by a mortal threat it could never have foreseen-- a historical and repeated enemy coming from the deep woods outside their cozy Maine home. No Biped could possibly help them. Only leadership, brute force, brave hearts, and innocence can save their newly-established pack.

How would you greet The Black Dog of Death?

5.5" x 8.5"
202 pages of pure reading dynamite!
ADULT READING: Mild swearing, graphic violence.
ISBN: 9781387940196