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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Crunchy Cod SkinsDog Treats - 4 Sizes

  • Sold in 2oz ans 4.7oz tubes as well as 2lb and 5lb boxes.
  • Caught In-Season by Local Fishermen on Small Boats from Maine, to Cape Cod, to Alaska.
  • Every Skin is Hand-Rolled and Slow-Dehydrated.
  • The Cod Meat is Cut out for People to Enjoy. The Skins are twisted and Dried for Your Pup!
  • We Call them Doggie Potato Chips - Super-Crunchy and Gone in a Second!
  • Made and Sourced in the USA!
From $14.75 to $175.00


Our Dogs LOOOOOOOOVE these! I say "Fish Sticks?" and I get three excited, lumbering black labs! And you are correct. I could have a tire iron - say the same thing to my dogs - and get the same results. That's the beauty of having Labs!

We call these "Potato Chips for Dogs" because they are so crunchy and dogs chomp them down quickly - hoping to get more! The big difference is that these are much more healthy than potato chips. The natural fish oil and protein will give your pup the skin and coat of a Westminster winner without all the prim and proper!

Available in:
10-skin, 2.5oz Tube
10-skin, 4.7oz Tube
70-80 skin, 2lb Bag
175-225 skin, 5lb Bag