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Salty Friend - Stewie The Dog

Name:  Stewie

AKA: Poogie, Chubby, Mama's Boy, Fuzzy Butt

Likes: Belly Rubbing, Snackies

Dislikes: Baths, Rain, Nail Clipping and his brother Shadow

Happiest When: When mama is rubbing his belly or giving his snackies

Best Animal Friend: Rupert

Saltiest Moment: Stealing the kids "birthday burgers" and ice cream at parties

Bio: Stewie is my 7 year old pug who has some small health issues, he has a corn allergy and is allergic to fleas...he has to eat special food because he emergency surgery to remove 7 bladder stones...he was such a tough guy he showed no signs of having problems until it was to late...he has been stone free for a 1 1/2 years....he is one of my families best friends.