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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Baseball HatTwo Salty Dogs (Black)

  • Made for us in Boothbay Harbor by our pals at Harbor Embroidery!
  • Logo and Writing are Embroidered, not Printed.
  • 100% Thick Cotton Shell. Breathable Nylon Lining.
  • Thick, Curved, Visor. Not Those thin, flat, dumb-looking ones.
  • Adjustable Leather Strap with Solid Brass Fittings.
  • Black and Pink are available with Nerd or Normal Styles. All other colors are available only in Normal.
  • Fits Most Non-Freakish Head Sizes.


Normal Style: Back of the Cap has "TWO SALTY DOGS BBH ME"
Nerd Style: Back of the Cap has "(2) NaCl-y K-9s"

We didn't have any baseball hats in our first year. We refused to get them unless they were ABSOLUTELY, PERFECTLY correct. In that way, we saved you from shoddy merchandise AND taking time out of your precious schedule to come all the way back up to Maine to throw stuff through our display window. You're welcome.

For these baseball hats we consulted NASA and the Guarded Scripts of Nostradamus. We even included the seagulls on our front logo after the Senate Sub-Sub-Committee on Head-and-Shoulder-Adornment for the Oceanic Prefectures issued a decree that we had better, lest face huge fines. The logos themselves are daguerreotypes of our actual dogs. Coal is there. You just have to look closely. He might not be on the front of the hat with Max and Auggie, he might be on the back or on the leather strap. You will never know until you buy one.

Seriously, our logo and the writing on the back is embroidered. That's good news for those of you like me who lather baseball hats in paint.