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We're coming to you from scenic downtown Boothbay Harbor, Maine! The Dog-Fun Center of the Entire Civilized World! We specialize in Maine-Made treats, toys, and accessories for dogs and cats. We take the time to look for those Local and New England-made things that large fluorescent-lit stores and giant websites either don't know about or write off as unmarketable. And don't worry, we also have a lot of those marketable items the Mega-Stores offer. As long as they are high-quality and actually work, that is!

And for all you seafaring sailors out there, we ARE the closest pet supply store to a public landing in Maine! Just make the short walk up Boothbay House Hill Rd from the Boothbay Harbor Public Landing and you are in our shop! Please call ahead to ensure we have what you need. We'd be glad to order any special food or items you are in need of. For any specific items please give us a weeks notice.

So grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, as the day dictates!) and surf our little online shop as you would our little store in Boothbay Harbor. We've tried to set it up the same way, and at the very least we hope you get a smile from all of it! Please be kind, we just launched it! All constructive criticism is welcome.

In other, more current news, you can now sign up for our World Famous Monthly E-Newsletter "The Salty Paws" from right HERE! So what do you get for your cyber-dime in signing up? That's a great question! Let me answer it in a neighborly list form:

  • The Coal Shack - A Virtual Online Cornucopia of deals and discounts on our website proposed and executed by our senior dog Coal! (AKA Ol' Fuzz Butt, The Geezer, Handsome Coal Dog, Smiling Coal Dog, and etc.). These discounts are ONLY available to people with Salty Paws!
  • Some kind of ill-conceived, and poorly-executed Challenge that makes the winners ecstatic, and losers furious. We encourage you to be a winner!
  • Sniffin' Around the Boothbay Region - Two things per month that involve Dogs and the Boothbay Region. Clear your calendars!
  • Salty Paws subscribers are the first to know when there's a new "Max & Aug's Dog Blog" posted! That's the most important thing on the whole newsletter! Max, Coal, and Auggie will tell you -- in their own distinctive styles -- what has been going on at "Chez Salty" and Our Little Shop! Will Buddy, our 4th dog start writing? What will his voice be? You'll never know unless you sign up!

Still not convinced? Need to see what the actual goods are before you give up that precious Gmail address? Then take a gander at this!

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October 2014 Issue of The Salty Paws -- (1st Issue!)

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