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We are tucked away in a corner of Boothbay Harbor, away from the great restaurants and the mesmerizing waterfront and footbridge. We have a bench out front if you'd like to sit for a little bit and watch the cars and people go by. We certainly never tire of it. Sometimes you can see a dog hanging out a moving car's window– barking furiously at our little shop. Not angrily. It's more like they're saying "Slow DOWN! I can smell the treats and good times! SLOW DOWN!" More often than not, the car goes through the intersection with that frantic dog hanging out the window because our parking situation is lousy. Very lousy. In the summer, it can definitely be a challenge to get to that bench.

For Dogs and Cats! We specialize in Maine-made treats, toys, leashes and collars. You will also find quality health, grooming, and training aids. We also carry top-notch food!

DOG FOOD IN STOCK: Acana, Blue Buffalo, Bravo (frozen only), Canidae, Earthborn, Honest Kitchen, Nature's Variety (frozen only) Orijen, Stella & Chewys, RAWZ, Taste of the Wild, Wellness and Wilderness.

CAT FOOD: Blue Buffalo, Earthborn, Wellness, RAWZ.

Please don't assume we have your pet's flavor and/or size! Call ahead to make sure we have what you need. If we don't have what you need, we can order larger (12-15lb and greater) bags with enough notice (about a week). We cannot special order small (4-6lbs) bags because they are delivered in 4-6 bag bales. Sorry.

The big bags of food are in the shed out back because we have no room in our little shop to display them. So once you’ve found a -legal- parking spot in Boothbay Harbor, check us out for those big bags. Or you can just call us with your credit card to buy the food and Don will run it out to your car as you pull up on our corner. He'll even give you a receipt like a real store. That’s our solution to the lousy parking situation in Boothbay Harbor. We’re open to any other creative, low cost ideas.


Do you like free stuff? We have lots of free stuff. Just click on the link below to get your free bumper sticker! If you visit us in the shop, we'll give you a free carabiner and a treat samples of Bare Bites with nifty little coupons for 20% off the big bags.

Our Monthly Newsletter "The Salty Paws" is free and will quite likely give you major discounts on some of our best products. You will ALSO be apprised of The 4 Good Boys hi-jinks with "Max and Aug's Dog Blog," and get informed of all things Dog and Salty in the Boothbay Region! Take a look at our Hilarity-Packed May 2016 issue here:

May 2016 Issue of The Salty Paws

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