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Whole Moose AntlersLong Lasting Dog Chew

  • No Moose Were Killed For This Treat. Antlers are Naturally Shed Every Year.
  • Whole as opposed to split. NOT the whole darned moose antler
  • 4 Different sizes - A Chew for Every Dog!
  • Extremely Durable - Will Last the Average Dog Weeks.
  • Great for Teeth Cleaning.
  • No Bleaches, Chemicals, Preservatives, or Additives of Any Kind.
  • Sourced and Made in the Maine.
From $12.50 to $60.75


As with any treat, please supervise your dog until you are comfortable with how he/she reacts to it.

Grown and harvested right here in Maine! Where else?

Please see the photos for typical lengths/weights. Antlers are a natural product and will vary in size, texture, shape and durability. If you would like a particular antler piece - paddle, point, or in-between, please let us know in the comments. We will try to accommodate your request.

Approximate Weights:

Small - 2-4oz
Medium - 4-8oz
Large - 14-16oz
XLarge - 16-20oz