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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Sweet Potato Dog Treats9oz

  • Sweet Potatoes are the Sweetest KIND of Potato!
  • Made in small batches.
  • A chewy, healthy treat for all-sized dogs.
  • Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes. THATS IT!
  • No Preservatives, chemicals, by-products, or crappy junk.
  • 100% sourced and made in the USA.



These sweet potato fries are cut to look just like krinkle cut french fries. So when yer best buddy is begging at the table for some regular fat-soaked french fries from your plate, just slip 'em a Sweet Potato! Works every time!

Nothing but 100% US grown sweet potato, made right here in the good 'ol US of A. Super nutritious, and an almost rawhide-like tough chew is great to clean the teeth. High in fiber. Great for any sized dog, and makes a fantastic training treat. What are you waiting for? Click "ADD TO CART" now!"