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Waterproof Dog CollarAqua

  • Does not get wet. Will not get stinky. Although your dog might.
  • 1"-wide Neoprene Dog Collar
  • Solid brass fittings.
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Sizes from 11" to 23".
  • Custom Engraved Brass Plate Available.
  • Made in the USA.
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If you've ever been in the shop, you'll know that our dog Coal wears one of these (Not pink, of course). Why? Because he can get unbelievably filthy and when he gets wet, he stays wet for the entire day. He goes swimming most days, so he's pretty much wet all the time. We used to think Coal was just stinky, but we found that his nylon-ribbon collar did a great job of absorbing all the stink Coal had to give. It was so bad he was banned from the bedroom at night. And that made Coal a VERY sad dog.

This collar does NOT get wet or stinky and is unbelievably durable. If your dog takes a full-blown rotten seaweed bath or soothing full-body mud pack, simply take the collar and rinse it off. That's it! Well, I guess you still have to clean the dog, but the collar will be as fresh as the morning dew.

It has solid brass hardware so it will never rust. It is 100% MADE IN USA.

Available in sizes 11"-23"

If you choose to purchase a name plate please understand that all sales are final as plates are permanently attached and collars cannot be exchanged. Custom Orders take up to 10 Business Days to process.

Sizing Information:

*Please measure your dog's neck with a soft tape or string where his/her collar would normally rest to obtain an accurate measurement.

Size Chart:

15" Collar fits 11"-15"
17" Collar fits 13"-17"
19" Collar fits 15"-19"
21" Collar fits 17"-21"
23" Collar fits 19"-23"