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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Lamb HornLong Lasting Dog Treat (Small)

  • Made of Keratin, not a bone!
  • Long-Lasting & Nutrient-Rich
  • Reduce tartar & plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth
  • Peace of mind – cleaned, boiled, and baked within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations
  • 100% Edible – hours of chewing enjoyment for your pet
  • 100% Natural – no additives, no preservatives, no supplements
  • 100% Single Ingredient Dog Treat



  • A good source of protein, iron, zinc, and other nutrients.
  • 100% digestible (unlike deer/elk antlers)
  • Ideal for safe chewing and easier on a dog’s teeth.
  • Help keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • Sourced from free-range, nature-fed Icelandic lambs reared for human consumption.
  • Adhere to strict agricultural and inspection laws of Iceland, the U.S., and EU to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety.
  • A sustainable option for Eco-conscious pet owners.
  • No preservatives, flavors, or additives.
  • They have a serious fun factor that dogs love!
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Zero Hormones
  • 100%Viking

Icelandic+ makes all-natural pet treats – using ethically sourced, pure Icelandic ingredients – that meet the specific digestive, physiological, metabolic, and nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Our in-house physiologist and nutritionist make sure of it. Plus, all materials used in our edible horns and other pet treats are traceable to their origin, providing greater accountability and transparency, and it protects the integrity of our products.

Icelandic+ is a green business. As part of our commitment to purity, we’ve partnered with farms and processing facilities to establish a revenue-generating solution that helps reduce landfill mass by making good use of nutrient-rich animal bi-products. We also process our treats with geothermal-based energy, a clean and sustainable energy that comes directly from the heat of the Earth. For all packaging and bagging supplies, Icelandic+ uses only Earth Rated® materials. All this because we believe in healthy pets and a healthy environment.

We’re first introducing our new Icelandic Lamb Horns that are an optimal dental chew treat made from 100% pure Icelandic lamb. Dogs find them impossible to resist – they’re flavorful, healthy, and fun! Lamb horns are also an ethical choice that eco-conscious pet owners will love. Once a lamb bi-product formerly tossed into landfills, they’re now a sustainable dog treat with loads of nutrition and chewing satisfaction.