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Etta Says Crunchy Dog Treat4" Beef

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average rating 100%
  • The only product Two Salty Dogs sells that has rawhide in it.
  • Safer than regular rawhide because of a process that breaks it down
  • Fresh high-quality mixed protein treats that are safer than traditional rawhide.
  • Easy to digest
  • No Odor
  • Won't stain carpet
  • Made and sourced in the USA



Safer than traditional rawhide due to a proprietary manufacturing process that breaks down the rawhide and blends it with high-quality proteins sourced from American farms.

The literal translation for Etta is “Head of the Household”. We believe that most dogs are the head of the household and therefore deserve the highest quality, best tasting treats. This is the core foundation of the Etta Says! brand. Our treats are made with 100% all natural ingredients from verified farms across the USA. We can tell you where our ingredients are grown and produced because quality is one of our highest priorities. The philosophy followed by every employee in our Treat Planet Family is if we are not totally comfortable feeding our treats to our beloved dogs, we are not going to feed them to yours!

Etta Says! is an industry leader for it’s meat based treats and unique, innovative chews. Our treats range from highly palatable Duck Jerky sticks to single-source proteins such as Lamb Liver. Etta Says! bagged treats are packaged to engage customers and showcase the quality our brand is built upon. Our packaging has won national awards against Fortune 500 Global Brands. Our chews are unique with the industry’s only hardness scale rating, the Munch-Meter™. Our proprietary Munch-Meter™ allows the consumer to pick the ideal chew for their dog based on hardness level, protein source, and length.