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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine


Catnip ToyLobstah Nip

  • 1-ounce of Maine-Grown Catnip in a Durable Outer Skin
  • Let us know in the Comments if your cat would like a red, striped, or plain one.
  • Then let us know how you know that.
  • For people who are too important for a pedestrian Fish Nip Toy
  • No Fillers. Organically Grown.
  • No Synthetic Herbicides, Pesticides, or Fertilizers.
  • Packed Under Feline Supervision.
  • Certified Wicked Good.



Approximately 7-inches Long and 1.75-inches in Diameter

The Pussums Cat Company is a small Maine, family owned business who provides superior quality catnip toys and products for cat lovers nationwide, using only 100% of the finest quality natural catnip, diverse fabrics and unique graphics, all handsewn with great care by skilled Maine crafters to please even the most finicky felines and their families.

The inspiration for Dr. Pussums brand dates back 35 years to 1982, when the original owner’s cat, Mr. Pussums, was mistakenly introduced as Dr. Pussums. The rest is history! The Shaw family took over the operations of The Pussums Cat Company in 2010 and continue to expand the business to fulfill customer demands for Dr. Pussums catnip toys and products.

The Pussums Cat Company makes products for cat lovers. Cat lovers want the best for their cats and Dr. Pussums catnip toys are simply the best. Each catnip toy is filled with 100% pure fresh catnip. There are no fillers. WICKED GOOD for your cat’s pleasure and good health!