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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Coat Hook Shedding and De-Tangling Tool

  • Great for long or short-haired Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, and Pterodactyls
  • Made in Maine
  • Less than half the cost of a Furminator
  • Two tools - De-tangles on one side, De-sheds on the other!
  • Perfect for dogs with undercoats. Like Auggie.
  • Doesn't tug at the animal's hair like a Furminator or scrape the skin like an undercoat rake
  • Patented MicroHooks gently remove shedding undercoat without removing the outer guard coat




No other grooming tool on the market is designed to work like the CoatHook. The CoatHook is uniquely engineered to gently and effectively remove the shedding undercoat while leaving attached undercoat and outer-guard coat alone ó it will not cut fur the way that some steel-bladed combs will.

  • Long tines with small hooks on the end reach down to the base of an animalís fur to collect loose, shedding undercoat.
  • Rounded edges on the hooks are gentle against skin ó they donít scrape or scratch; instead, they give a gentle massaging sensation.
  • The hooks are gentle on fur ó there are no sharp edges.
  • The tines are flexible, so they're gentle on elderly animalsí boney joints and lumps and bumps.

NOTE: Itís just not heavy-duty enough for dogs with extremely long, thick, and dense coats like Samoyeds, Chow Chows, Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Great Pyrenees, Akitas, and other similar-coated dogs.

For Coat Hook instructions Click Here.

For an instructional video of the Coat Hook that does a much better job explaining it than I do Click Here.