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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine


Float Rope Toy Monkey Fist

  • Small or Large
  • Made in Boothbay Harbor Maine.
  • Made From Used Maine Lobster Line.
  • A Great Fetch or Chew Toy!
  • All the Maine Dogs Have 'Em.



No monkeys were harmed in the making of The Monkeyfist toy! A monkeyfist is a tight, self-contained knot that has been used for everything from candle-holders to dog toys.

The rope comes from my brother's used lobster rigging. Every couple years he has to swap out the worn line with new line. We take his old line and make great dog toys out of it.

What makes these toys superior to other rope toys you see is that the rope in our toys has actually been used for several years in the waters off the Maine Coast. All the nasty petrochemical residue has been washed out of it and has been supplanted with salt much better tasting to the average K-9. We find that dogs want to play with and/or chew our toys longer.

Not only are these great for fetching, they are great as a chew toy! When the rope gets frayed, it forms little bristles that will actually clean a dogs teeth. And the salty taste of the rope will keep your dog chewing at it. For the Chew Toy application, you want to make sure your dog is not actually ingesting any rope pieces, but rather chewing for chewing's sake.