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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Bottle Toy 2-Liter Grey Hippo

  • Holds a Full-Size 2-Liter Plastic Soda Bottle in the Guise of a Hippo.
  • Squeaker in the Head.
  • No Soda Bottle? It's still a fantastic no-stuffing toy.
  • 20-inches Long from End to End.
  • The Crunching of the Bottle Reminds Your Dog of Crunching Bones After Catching Prey.
  • Yes. Even sweet little Fluffy is a canine with rudimentary canine bone-crunching desires.
  • Fluffy!
  • Soft and plush.



Stuff with a used 2 liter size bottle for tons of fun! Pocket on bottom of toy allows you to insert a 2 liter bottle for your pooch to crunch, hug, kick, and toss. Dogs love to CRUNCH, CHRUCH, CRUNCH! Fido will love these fun jungle friends and you'll love the fun they have! Bonus, this toy can also be used as a no stuffing toy!