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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine

Cat Clocks

  • Available in over 16 styles of fat cats!
  • The Fat-Cat Style is 6" x 5".
  • Battery Powered. (AAA battery not included).
  • Clock has a wall hook for easy hanging. You must provide a nail or screw for the conditions of your own wall. Whatever that may be.
  • Made in Ashland, Massachusetts USA for over 20 years.


We got 5 of these clocks on our first order. They sold out immediately and people put in orders that most closely resembled their own cats. We can't guarantee that any of these will match your cat exactly, and we can't do special orders to capture your cat's essence. If you don't see your cat's essence in the 16 clocks we have to offer, you'll need to get another cat. Please love the other cat as much as the one that doesn't match our clocks.

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