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Black T-Shirt

  • Made by Our Friends right down the street at Harbor Embroidery!
  • Available in X Small (Child) to XX Large sizes.
  • 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton.
  • Comfort Colors T-Shirt.
  • These are High-Quality T-Shirts, not flimsy junk.


Let me clarify -- these are printed T-Shirts, not embroidered. That's how diversified Harbor Embroidery is.

I don't know about you, but my clothes drawers are full of flimsy, crappy T-Shirts people send me when they're on vacation. Usually they have a monkey on them in some form or another, but that's a story for another product. I never wear the T-Shirts because the quality is so low and the materials are so shoddy I feel like I would ignite the polyester if I moved too fast.

That's why we chose a thick, soft 100% cotton T-Shirt to bear the "Two Salty Dogs" standard. We WANT you to wear them! When you wear them, you are signifying your allegiance to "Max's Dog Army" - a secret, militant Canine society so terrifying in it's scope and reach that people will cast themselves off cliffs to escape their clutches.

Just kidding. Mostly, the Dog Army has to do with lobbying me and Liana to relax daily dog treat limitations. When the members get together they just run around and sniff each other's heinies. But the T-Shirts are still pretty good. And they say "Boothbay Harbor" on them so you can order one online, but tell all your friends that you took a quick auto-gyro flight to Boothbay Harbor whilst they were asleep to purchase this T-Shirt for them. And that, along with the Hokey Pokey, is what it's all about, friends.