Poncho Villa Gift Fest 2019!!!

Thanks for finding your way to our Gift Fest Page in one way or another. And if you are one of the many "Spider Bots" on the web looking for new or revised content for your many indices and data banks.... Welcome friends!


Gift Fest is a little thingy we've put together every January since last two years ago. Last year we gave $25 gift certificates to the first five people who adopted a cat or dog from The Lincoln County Animal Shelter. THIS year we're going to match every single donation that comes through the purchase of a "Poncho Villa."

And what exactly is a Poncho Villa? When Don was putting together the website, he went a little (non-hospitalized) crazy roughly halfway through it. Specifically it was when he was putting in the Dog Ponchos when he went loopy. And because he had absolutely not one hope of delivering the REAL Pancho Villa to anyone who ordered it, he decided to call it "Poncho Villa" and make it a donation page to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

The Poncho Villa is like the real Mexican General Pancho Villa in every way - neither repels water from dogs very well, neither have recorded a military victory over the United States in this century, and neither currently exist in a tangible form.

So what do you say? You can donate as little as a dollar and WE WILL MATCH IT! ALL JANUARY LONG.

By clicking here you are consenting to being whisked away to the Poncho Villa page and charmed to all get out.

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