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Posted October 29, 2021



I was in your shop, in Boothbay, yesterday around 2:30. When I entered, there were two young women behind the checkout counter chatting about food, I heard a quick "hi"... then they went back to chatting about Brady's restaurant, fathers day.... and food.... I was looking around trying to find the cat food, then finally asked, Excuse me could someone help me find the cat food?... I hear "oh, yeah" and one of them showed me the corner where it was. I explained that I needed treats that were larger than normal cat kibble, and got two of the small packets and took them off the clips. When I was doing that, the gal went back behind the counter and they started talking again about food again.

Honestly if I didn't have the gift certificate that I had, I would have left without buying anything. I've been in your shop previous years to by harnesses, dog toys.... always felt welcomed and as an appreciated customer.

I just thought you should know. Given the lack of customers in any Boothbay shop/venue, due to the current CV19 situation, attention should be given to those that do come in.

I had won the gift certificate, happily, in the BB PJ sale last November! Thankyou again!


Thanks for taking the time to let me know about this. And thanks for not just launching an irate post on Yelp or something.

I'm really sorry that happened to you in my store. Usually, the two of them are great at customer service, and honestly, this is the first complaint I've gotten about either one of them. It definitely sounds like something was going on, and that is definitely NOT something I want going on in my store.

I'll be having a talk with them today.

Thank you for your continued support of our store. And thanks again for letting me know about this.

Don Kingsbury
Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters
22 McKown St
Boothbay Harbor ME 04538

(207) 633-7387



Oh, I never do bad reviews... I know these things can be a one-off. AND I feel that each of us can do much to help local businesses especially now, not hurt things! And I totally try to help market and boost Boothbay region when ever and where every I can....

AND Here is a thought - last year I set (Local Business 1) up to do free delivery to Squirrel Island, this year added on and did it for (Local Business 2). I'll attach what I put together... I can do this for you if you want? or you make your own flyer (even better (I don't have printer right now, so you could mail it to me) ) But also send electronically and I'll have it go out on the Squirrel Island email list, like I did for (Local Business 1) and (Local Business 2) AND the hard copy (if you can mail me)* I'll would post at the Post Office on the Community Bulletin board. The emails reach about 1,000 people. I am all about LOCAL business!

Basically, its offering free delivery to the Novelty Boat (just down the hill from you), with what ever constraints you feel best BUT I highly suggest following guidelines below or you'll be running to the boat with a $4 can of dog food! (see attached) I am waiting for (Local Business 1) for logo, ditto (Local Business 2).... but still info when out.

We do need to get more visitors to Boothbay. Yesterday Bxxx and I were in the harbor and met two people, (2 sets of ) from New Hampshire.... both said they "did their homework" needed to get away and Maine seemed good place to go....that they were desperate to "get away" I'll email Nancy/Maine tourism but seems to me they need to run some ads/radio/tv in NH and Vermont.... "Come to Maine"....

Best and let me know if you want to do the "free" delivery to Squirrel Island.
I'll try to get those people that do Chewee to switch over (I buy from my Brunswick local feed store - again, support local businesses!)



Thanks for your generous offer to "set up" free delivery to Squirrel Island for us. We'd been thinking about doing it for the 8 years we've been open, but somehow it seemed so complicated. It seems especially odd we hadn't set that up considering what good friends we are with everyone at The Novelty. Bless you for sharing your many talents to bridge the gap between us ignorant townspeople and our favorite Gated Community you so clearly belong to and love.

I'm sure your printer problems have put a dent in your efforts to save our region. So allow me to offer you the printing services of Oliver's in Damariscotta. They do a top-notch job and have very reasonable rates. We know how expensive saving us can be! Perhaps you could set up free shipping to Squirrel Island for Olivers Printing. They would be ever so grateful and may add your statue to their pantheon of household gods.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for calling Nancy at Maine Tourism. Perhaps she will put an end to this deadly virus and get people to buy things from your local Brunswick Feed Store, whose name escapes you at the moment. Furthermore, your efforts to switch people from "Chewee" are truly heroic and will resound through the ages as an example of self-sacrifice in the face of desolate, wanton carnage. Excelsior, ZZZZ!

In closing, I'd also like to thank you for your continued support of cute local businesses you covet. Anyone can walk into a shop and actually buy something to support that local business. But what you offer is so much more comprehensive and thorough. I don't know where the Boothbay Region would be if excellent-oriented Karens didn't worry about us Boothbay Harbor aborigines. Some might say your lukewarm efforts are self-serving and a way to diddle yourself, but don't let that ruin your fun. We need all the help we can get!

Take care!

P.S. Good luck winning our Early Bird (or as you call it "the BB PJ sale") gift certificate next year! GO LOCAL!

Max Kingsbury
Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters
22 McKown St
Boothbay Harbor ME 04538

(207) 633-7387

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