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Salty Friend - Winston

Name:  Winston

AKA: Wire-Haired Wonder-Dog, Doofus

Likes:Going to Camp, Chasing Chipmunks, Dad's Slippers, Mudpuddles, Tasty Snakes, Collar with the Pink Squids

Dislikes: Being Alone, Rainy Days, Getting Off the Big Bed

Happiest When: The Girls are Home, The Treats are Available, The Laps are Reachable

Best Animal Friends: The Wild Birds at the Feeders

Saltiest Moment: Scaring a Moose and Swimming at Little Moxie Pond

Bio: Six years ago, we adopted Winston, who was extremely protective of his territory. He has become the sweetest companion who loves being with us no matter where we go. He is almost perfect, except when he sees the evil UPS man.