Salty Friend - Sir Dewey Biscuit

Name: Sir Dewey Biscuit

AKA: Pug, pajama pants, vanilla gorilla

Likes: Laying in the sun, sleeping, watching rabbits.

Dislikes: Being alone, cats.

Happiest When: On Jamie’s lap

Best Animal Friend: Purple rabbit

Saltiest Moment: Making it with purple rabbit

Sir Dewey Biscuit’s Autobiography:  I’ve been told I smell great, with no distinct odor other than freshly baked bread, and sometimes sweet crackers. I seek and achieve total bliss… well, most of the time. You‘ve no doubt read my ‘thing’ for the purple bunny… its not a real animal, but a stuffed one I got a while ago, but she smells so good, and she seems real to me, so I’ll leave it at that. ‘Real’ bunnies do live in my yard and I see their droppings and eat them sometimes. Bunnies need to eat their first pooping, so I see it alone and eat it for them. I guess I’m supposed to be chasing those bunnies, but why? They leave treasures.

Dad cleans my nasal fold often, as I root around the garden and gets things in there. (He calls in my ‘wrinkle’ – I call it my personality) I love cold weather thanks to my very thick fur…. It’s what’s known as a ‘double coat’, I have a fine, downy under layer with a coarser overcoat. This overcoat has three colors, fawn, silver and black. I let people see it whenever they want and I grunt at them sometimes.

I eat a wholly organic diet with some wet food thrown into large, dry food chunks. Dad tells me its good for my teeth to chew up the big pieces, but sometimes I swallow them whole. After dinner, I pick up my ‘bully stick’ and chew it like a fine cigar. (Oh, bully sticks are made from cow privates… they’re so good and tasty. Then it’s lap time on the couch.

Two-mile walks everyday are essential in my life… I mean, c’mon, it keeps me in shape. I weigh 32 pounds and look like a cinder block with legs. If I could do anything I wanted? Easy… Live the same life I’m living over and over…

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