Salty Friend - Henry

Name:  Henry

AKA:  Skookaler, Skook, Skookaloo, Kook, Kookie Bird, Kookaler, Niblet, Sharkie, Little Boo Boo, Henry Rifle Von Stuka

Likes: Skooking (pulling a fast one over on you), stealing stuff and bringing it back for a reward, playing frisbee, being chased, Agility class

Dislikes:  Having to wait and relax. Losing at tug of war.

Happiest When: DOING

Best Animal Friend: Cyrus

Saltiest Moment:  Oh, there are so many! How about stealing the cell phone and running out the dog door but bringing it back in when no one noticed.

Bio: Henry is a transplant from Texas. He came here when he was just 3 months old and a mere 12.5lbs. He set foot in the house and declared- These are my people! This is my Cyrus! And there is my Cat! (whom he proceeded to joyfully jump on). Henry is apparently River reincarnated. River passed away in Sept. 2014. An Animal Communicator said he would return as a small, funny dog. Well, Henry is small (for my standards!) and he has some striking similarities to River. He is also very, very funny. He will rub around on the couch dramatically, pulling the blanket over himself and flipping pillows onto the floor and then will pause dramatically, with his butt in the air, to make sure that you are noticing him. And beware, he is such busy guy that he will nip your butt to get your attention.

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