Salty Friend - Auggie

Name:  Auggie

AKA: AugBot, Augustus Megatron Bulldozer

Likes: Food, Swimmin’, Food, Riding in the front seat of the truck

Dislikes: Going without food, Watching others eat food while not eating food himself, Riding in the back seat of the truck

Happiest When: Absolutely Exhausted and Full

Best Animal Friend: Max

Saltiest Moment: Growled at Don when he tried to take away a marrow bone

Bio: The Aug Dog was born in Maine into a large litter where he learned to irrationally compete for food and attention. He was brought to Don and Liana’s house as a pup and immediately began to poop all over it. After obtaining a degree in House Training, Auggie set off into the world to pee on it. He has yet to cock his leg to pee on anything, and instead pees like a little girl pup.

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