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Rope Dog Training Leash27ft - Blaze Orange

  • Quarter Sold Separately
  • Choose from either Blaze Orange or Blaze Orange
  • 27ft Long - No Exceptions
  • 3/8" diameter for lightness and comfort
  • No loop handle to get tangled in brush or roots
  • Solid brass swivel.
  • Dog trainer recommended
  • Great for teaching recall, stay and fetching to your dog.



Everyone agrees. 27ft is the optimal length for a dog training leash. Blaze orange is the best color for a dog training leash. And Two Salty Dogs is the best place to buy a 27ft Blaze Orange dog training leash.

But I can hear those of you out there saying "But it doesn't have a handle! How will I ever hold onto the leash when Fluffy tries to escape?!?!"

First of all. Calm down. You can always tie a handle at the end if you need one (see the pictures). The reason we don't put a handle on this leash is because in Maine there are a lot of branches and roots on the forest floor. And if your pup is going full-tilt when the handle snags on a root, he/she can really get hurt.

So buck up, little camper! The world is your whelping box.