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  • A squeaky, fuzzy ball with strange eyes.
  • Comes in three colors - Black, Brown, and Pink.
  • Comes in three sizes - Large, Medium, and Small.
  • The Large is about 6" in diameter, the Medium is about 4" and the Small is 2" All measurements are +/- the fuzz.
  • Core contains a tough, durable ball.
  • Small iBalls available only in a 3-pack.
From $11.25 to $18.25


The Brown iBall has eyes that look either surprised or terrified, depending on what my mood is. The Black iBall definitely has menacing eyes. And the Pink iBall initially looks seductive, but on closer inspection, they eyes actually look kinda dumb. You can arrive at your own conclusions simply by buying one.

Your pooch will absolutely Love his or her own set of furry iBallstm! Silly Squeakers are a line of fun, creative and hiliarious rubber squeaky toys that are sure to have everyone talking. We pushed the limits of our imagination to bring you this series of one-of-a-kind toys. They are sure to bring you and your dog tons of fun and laughter! The core of this toy is a tough, durable ball, so if your dog does get to the core, it's just like having a whole new toy to play with! No white poly stuffing.

Remember, this is a novelty squeaky toy, not a chew toy. That's why we put it in our "Silly" category. Your dog should be supervised when playing with this toy. For your dog's safety, examine the toy from time to time for wear and replace it when appropriate. Under no circumstances should your dog ingest any part of this toy.