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As voted in Downeast Dog News


Ultrasonic Flattie Cat

  • Uses an ultrasonic squeaker that dogs can hear, but people cannot.
  • 1 Squeaker per toy.
  • Perfect for dogs like Coal who will just "Nibble" a squeaker for hours on end and drive you absolutely crazy.
  • No messy stuffing.
  • Also available in toys with stuffing in the "Stuffed Toy" section!



Humans can only hear sound frequency from 0-20 Khz. Dogs can hear sound over a much larger range: 0-45KHz. Every Hear Doggie squeaker emits its squeak in the 24-28KHz range SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO HEAR IT! That makes it fun for you and your little great little listener at the same time!

And we know what it's like. Sometimes when we're watching a subtitled movie at home, Coal will grab onto a squeaky toy and just chomp on it for hours. I mean hours. That can get very annoying when you have trouble understanding those kind of movies anyway. And of course we don't want to take it away from him because he looks up at you with those sad eyes and will just put his head down defeated in his world record attempt to squeak a toy more than any other dog in a 24 hour period.

For more information on Hear Doggie Toys and to see one in action, Click Here.