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Wag Rag

  • Made from Recycled T-Shirts.
  • Every Wag rag is Unique.
  • Comes in two sizes Original: 6 " long and smaller girth. Big Dog: 8" long and a gigantic girth.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Hand Made in Maine, USA!
From $12.00 to $22.00


The Wag Rag is a Maine Original, and Two Salty Dogs was the very first store to sell them! Anywhere! These are a great tug toy made in Waterville with recycled T-shirts.

These work great for playing a game of tug with your pup, and sometimes I will pull the Wag Rag at each end and put pieces of kibble in the gaps created. Then the boys will chew the Wag Rag until it gets all slobbery and suck/gnaw the kibble juice out of it (our dogs have very soft mouths). That sounds gross, but I just throw it in the washing machine (because it's a T-Shirt dontchaknow) and viola! Good as new!

And every dog in our abode has their own Wag Rag, and the other dogs are NOT allowed to touch it. Auggie has a purple and yellow one, Max has a red and white one, and Coal has a fancy-pantsy green, blue and white one.

But these are not chew toys! And if your pup is an aggressive chewer, this toy is probably not for them.

We will try to honor any requests for Wag Rags with specific colors, but no promises! These are made from recycled T-shirts and the colors combinations are dependent on what colors are available.

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