NOT Fisherman's Festival SALE - April 28th & 30th 2017

Welcome to the 2017 NOT Fisherman's Festival Sale Page!


Boothbay Harbor used to have Fisherman's Festival on the last weekend of April. Not only was it a really fun time with Tug o' War, Bait Shoveling, and Codfish Relay competitions, but we'd have a 2-Day Sale where everything except food and already-on-sale-items were 25% off.

Not only do we miss all the hubbub around town, but we really miss that first injection of liquid cash into our lean coffers. So we decided, what the heck. If nobody in Boothbay Harbor wants to celebrate fishermen anymore, then let's at least get our first injection of liquid cash for the season.

So not only are we continuing our tradition of having a big sale at our shop on April 29th & 30th 2017, we're expanding it to our website!

That's right! We're giving all the people "From Away" the chance to take advantage of us - not just the locals. Some exceptions apply - Pet ID Tags, Deb's Used Tennis Balls, Poncho Villa and other shelter-related stuff. But the big story is how much stuff IS 25% Off!

And if you wanted, you could buy something in the store for 25% off, then go on our website and get something for 25% off. There are no bounds to purchasing things here, people! Our little shop will be open from 10-6 on Saturday the 29th and 10-4 on Sunday the 30th. Feel free to shop our website whenever. You won't wake us up. And make sure to have a couple adult beverages before hand so you make a bunch of impulsive purchases that you'll regret later.

If you're shopping online, use the Checkout Coupon Code "FISHYFISHY". It will work from 12:01am Saturday morning to 11:59pm Sunday night. Then you'll have to wait for our Early Bird online sale in November or this one next year. We don't do these often!

That's it. You can go home now.

~~Don (Not a Dog)
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