Dog-Related Haiku Jamboree Challenge 2018

You remember what Haiku is, right? It's that Japanese style of poem writing you were forced to learn in middle school for some unknown and protested reason. The first stanza of the poem has 5 syllables, the second stanza has 7, and the third and last stanza has 5. No more. No less.

We never hand out homework, but we're making an exception for Dog-Related Haiku Challenge 2018. Your mission is to write at least one, but preferably multiple haiku about your dog. Here is the Wikipedia definition of Haiku to help you all out:

We'll be giving out a $25 Gift Certificate to the winner. - You have our word that all conforming entries will be judged by a highly trained Haiku professional. There's no limit to the number of poems you can submit, so go nuts. Call the neighbors. Get the kids involved. Alert NORAD.

Submissions must be legitimate haiku and they must be family-friendly! Submissions that don't conform will be deleted with malice.

Send all submissions to with the subject line "HAIKU FOR YOU."

Stinky and Hungry
Covered in mud and filth
Coal seeks a warm couch

-Don K.
This could be yours
This isn't even haiku
It's just a placeholder

- A.A. Milne
Haiku is very hard
Americans will struggle
Try it at least once

- Poncho Villa
Early most mornings
You jump, bounce, scamper and run
Betty on Battie

- Cathy S.
Snoozing on the couch
Our pup has nary a care
Life is good, right here

- Bevery S.
The mailman is here
Youd think the world is ending
Please! Stop. That. Barking.

- Bevery S.
Who, with sincere eyes
Can warm my heart so sweetly?
No one but my dog

- Beverly S.
Snow falls silently
Inside it is warm and dark
They wait for first light

- Max G.
Even when I goof
You wag your tail with delight
I feel so special.

- Beverly S.
a free vaccine day
my daughter baths her toy dogs
thrice with all the care

- Justice Joseph P.
We don't have a dog
We do have a dog-like cat
Year of the Dog? MEOW!

- Yuji S.
You have muddy paws
Somehow they dont offend me
Dirt is not painful

- Beverly S.
Some hurricane news
my neighbor's dog comes home
with my daughter's shoe

- Pamela K.
When you smelled that vole
It skittered through the white snow
Leaving you baffled.

- Beverly S.
Mia eats the toys
She feels no sense of bad dog
Toy car, Rest In Peace

- Caissie N.
Few things are better
Than your snout across my foot
As I fall asleep

- Beverly S.
They will steal your heart
Like a thief in the nighttime
Leave you there crying

- Flo R.
the long night vigil
waiting his master's footsteps
a poodle statue

- Justice Joseph P.
Phoebe loves us so
We love this sweet labrador
Shiny, coal-toned, love

- Becky A.
Get a puppy, yes
Get some rest or sleep, not now
Training, socializing, pup.

- Becky A.
Sweet dogs have we loved
Cried for their loss long after
New ones come along.

- Becky A.
Husky, Boxer pup
Rascal was a fuzzy love
Lost too soon to time

- Becky A.
the "Year of the Dog"?
we have been celebrating
each day of her life

- Rachel M. F.
snow booties and coats
provoke humiliation
then, snow! all is well.

- Rachel M. F.
each Valentine's Day
brings love and joy to our pup --
steaks for dinner!

- Rachel M. F.
fluffy golden mutt
seeks carnivorous food source
belly rubs required

- Rachel M. F.
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