Nov 1, 2015

Rotten Apples but Good Boys — By Max

Max here. I am just fine, thank you! What a great fall we had here in Boothbay Harbor! There were so many blueberries and raspberries and blackberries! And now all the apples are becoming rotten. Even Don will grab a few ripe ones off the tree as we hike Boothbay Region Land Trusts Singing Meadows Preserve. For […]

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Aug 1, 2015

Scraps, Scrubs, Berries & Buddies — By Max

Max Here! I am just fine. Thank You! For those of you who expected Buddy to be writing this blog because it was his turn, he’s asked me to tell you that he is completely exhausted from winning the Doggie Musical Chairs at the Mutt Scrub. It was a huge achievement for the old boy […]

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Apr 1, 2015

Fare Thee Well, Winter — by Max

Max here! I am just fine, thank you! Did you vote for us as the best Maine Pet Store? No? DO IT NOW! Do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Don always jokes that if we don’t win he’ll have to give one of us dogs up to medical testing just to make ends meet. But I’m not sure he’s joking […]

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Feb 1, 2015

The BIG One — by Max

Hi There! I’m Max. I’m just fine, thank you! I finally got time at the computer because Don is out bringing in the rest of the wood pile before the BIG STORM tomorrow buries it all until next June. He wasn’t happy about having to do it either, that salty old cuss! It’s good for […]

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Nov 27, 2014

Three Men Night — by Max

Hi There! I’m Max. I’m just fine, Thank You! It’s only November, but we’re having our second blizzard! And boy oh boy has it been a great day! Not only did we get morning walkies, but when the snow started to pile up this afternoon, Don took all of us outside to wrestle around in […]

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Oct 1, 2014

Jeepers Creepers– Leaf Peepers! — By Max

Max Here. I am just fine, Thank You! And a big “Thank You!” to those of you who are reading this through the link on our new newsletter! Talk about bragging rights! You are my best buddies in the whole world! If I could come out of this computer to rub your head and say […]

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Aug 22, 2014

Berry Friendly – By Max

I am Max and I am just fine, thank you! And thanks for all the belly-rubs this summer! I just wanted to let all you bipeds know that the blackberries at Ocean Point Preserve are ripe. Not at the actual Ocean Point, but at the Boothbay Region Land Trust’s Ocean Point Preserve! Auggie, Coal, and […]

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Jun 21, 2014

Max’s Birthday / New Website! – By Max

Max Here. I am just fine, thank you! In case you missed it, my 7th birthday on May 16th was just fine. I got a squirrel-covered cake like I asked for (Editor’s Note: They were squirrels made of yogurt frosting, not the real squirrels he was asking for. Please don’t tell him.) And everyone made loud noises […]

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Sep 9, 2013

HarborFest 2013 – By Max

Max here. I am just fine, thank you. Just a quick update on the Mutt Scrub– We raised over $1,000 for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and BARKK! Everyone did such a great job! And Coal won the the dog version of musical chairs (Editors Note: When the music stops, the last dog not sitting […]

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May 16, 2013

Max’s Birthday 2013 – By Max

Max here. I am just fine, thank you. Singing— “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Eat As Much As I Want To…” That’s right. My Birthday is on the 16th of May. I try to play it up as much as I can, but the shop first opened on that day. And Cole/Coal came to us […]

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