Dots - 1-inch Ribbon Dog Leash
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Best of Maine 2021

As voted in Downeast Magazine


Dots1-inch Ribbon Dog Leash

  • 6ft long x 1-inch wide.
  • Ribbons are stitched to rugged and quick-drying nylon webbing.
  • Lots and lots of dots!
  • Patterns are artist-designed right here in Maine.
  • Brass swivel snap hook won't rust or corrode.
  • Machine-washable. Line dry.
  • Made in Maine.

$34.00 $16.75


If you like dots-- lots and lots of dots-- this dog leash is for you. Sure, you could buy a leash with fewer dots. But later, in the dead of night, the lack of dots around your dog's neck will torment you. You will perspire freely and be unable to sleep. Friends will mock you. You will be so unnerved that you will miss that big promotion at work and become a sickly, hollow shell of the proud person you once were. Unfortunately, in the twilight of your years, you will end up living in a refrigerator box at the busiest intersection of your hometown. There is no escape from fate. So for goodness-sake, please buy the dog leash with the most dots and live, Live, LIVE!!!!!

Available in a matching collar!